Powerful chizuk for a guy who wants to marry a _Bas Melech_, and a girl who wants to be a princess.

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WoW of course it should be in video very interesting point of view very inspiring

"AMAZING!! Pls post more of Rabbi Feldheim powerful messages!!"

"so genuine so genuine! straight from the heart! straight to the point, down to earth and in touch with common reality!! can we get much much more of R' Feldheim"

"this was אמת in its rawest and brutal. sometimes we forget... more of this please"

I don't normally reply, but this was absolutely amazing, exactly what I needed. Must watch/listen.

That was phenomenal!

Right to the point. Shkoyach

I don’t usually go back and watch previous boosts, but this one is amazing!!! Every word is true!!! I’m going through a hard time now and this is exactly what I need for that extra push!!!

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