The Beauty in the Process

Boost Message in a Nutshell: In spiritual matters, the "destination" is not the goal. The very process of growing, with all its ups and downs, is what makes the results so beautiful in the end. So don't worry if your growth seems slow and full of disappointments. As long as you are trying and making progress, the journey itself is the most precious thing in Hashem's eyes!

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So powerful!

Rabbi Weinberger does an AMAZING job explaining Kupa Shel Shratzim-in how we can use it to help others... G'valdig

These words of Reb Moshe Weinberger are so powerful (I actually began listening to his shiurim & it’s tremendous chizuk) . Often when one is going through a נסיון , one of the ways the יצר הרע gets a person - is by telling him that the fact that your having these ‏ניסיונות shows how bad you are. But if we would remember these encouraging words of reb moshe that every נסיון (even if we fail ח״ב) it’s part of the beauty of the life picture as long as we learn from our downfalls & try to help & understand others. I heard from Rabbi Gedale Fenster “if you want Hashem to trust you & give you the high moments, Hashem will give you 1st a down moment & see how you deal with down moment” . When we have a down moment it’s the exact opposite of what the יצר הרע is trying to tell us, a נסיון means Hashem trusts us and put us in the front line & yes those in the front line can get wounded but those in the front line also know how to get up quickly & continue fighting.