Small Fire vs. Big Fire

Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld
Rosh Yeshiva - Beis Dovid

Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld enlightens us to how we can keep the fire of kedusha burning inside us.

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Wow today's broadcast with powerful and inspiring Wow this Rav is good Today was a great message

We gotta get this speaker more often He’s amazing Great message

This is one of my favorite speakers thank you so much for sharing

Powerful message! Never heard this concept before! Needs to be adressed more and more! תודה

Wow so powerful and so amazing thank you for always starting my day off with amazing words

Wow!! So true Great chizuk!!!

Incredible and so true. I always love his דברי תורה.

Today I have literally spent hours wasting time at home binge watching YouTube videos. Not pornography God forbid, but definitely goyishkeit with immodesty, comedy & movie clips. I was feeling sick this morning, vomiting, and then it just led to another, just laying in bed watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Twitter for hours. Ugh. Literally hours!!! I feel so low . Thanks for the clips , as always . Yes , a little bit of light, something so small , the tiniest bit Is big. And yes If in the Arizal’s time how much more so today . Thanks For listening and for the daily clips

Wowwww!!! Really happy I took the time to listen... was so amazing and exactly what I needed to hear!


Very good moshel